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We Optimize the Retrieval, Assembly and Summary of Medical Records

About Us

DocNexis provides medical record support for insurance companies, third party administrators, and insurance attorneys. Our services include the retrieval, review, assembly, and summary of medical records. By utilizing our services, life, disability and long term care underwriters, claims examiners, and legal professionals, do not need to spend the time and effort requesting, obtaining and sorting through medical records. Instead, orders for records, and any ancillary service (such as a summary), are made through our platform, and are completed by our team members in a timely manner. The records are provided in a format that is easy to review and search.  Our services allow insurance company staff and attorneys to focus on high priority matters, such as determining coverage, resolving claims, reviewing legal issues, and addressing the needs of policyholders.


We provide medical records solutions to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPA) and legal counsel.


We have a large staff that consists of highly trained and experienced individuals.


We provide the highest quality medical records support services that saves time, effort, resources and money.


We are HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and our staff follows strict rules based security protocols.

Our Services
DocNexis retrieves and obtains medical records and bills from healthcare providers. After the request for records is made, we will follow-up with the provider until all of the records are received. In addition, if treatment is ongoing, we will periodically request and obtain the new records.
DocNexis will assemble, review, and summarize the medical records in chronological order. The summary provides a succinct narrative so that an underwriter, claims examiner or legal professional can easily understand the scope and extent of the medical treatment.
DocNexis can provide any medical record relate service that an insurance company, third party administrator (TPA) or legal professional may need, including, assembling a list of an individual’s medications and the side effects; de-identifying protected health information (PHI) from medical records; assembling a list of the definitions of medical terms appearing in records; and the review of records and bills to ensure that all treatment records and bills have been received.

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