We provide a wide range of Medical Records services

Our Services

  • Medical record and bill retrieval.
  • Medical record summary. The summary (also referred to as a medical chronology, medical timeline, medical review, or medical report) provides a succinct narrative so that the reader can easily understand the scope and extent of the medical treatment, with hyperlinks to the records.
  • Attending Physician Statement retrieval and summary.
  • Any medical record related service that an insurance company, third party administrator (TPA) or legal professional may need, including, assembling a list of an individual’s medications and the side effects; de-identifying protected health information (PHI) from medical records; assembling a list of the definitions of medical terms appearing in records; and the review of records and bills to ensure that all treatment records and bills have been received.
All of our services can be tailored to individual needs and preferences. Records and communications are exchanged through our user friendly platform, which allows for a quick and seamless process.

Why DocNexis?

Cost Efficient Medical Record Retrieval, Assembly and Summary

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